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being busy
isn't a bad thing.

When you have a lot going on things don’t have to fall through the cracks. The Extraordinary Planner was created as a home for your visions for the future and organizes your many passions, priorities & projects. It is a place to make plans, set goals and achieve big things. because it is not just the planner that is extraordinary, it is you. It is all the extra things that you do in work, business, personal life, relationships and community, that deem all of your efforts as extraordinary. You are amazing. You are building your beautiful life one day at a time.

TIME management

you can customize your schedule to fit your needs and get clear about your priorities.


integrate your true passions into your daily routine in order to see your dreams come to life.


leverage the life wheel & monthly review to maximize your personal connections.


monthly budgeting & goal setting worksheets allow you to meet your financial targets.

choose your planner

what type of person are you?

You are a busy person with multiple passions, projects and interests with big dreams for your life. Works for large families, managers, soccer moms & entrepreneurs alike.

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You are a love of the hardcover.

This one’s for the kitchen counter or to keep open on your desk.

THE EP original


You are a student between the ages of 8-80 who is discovering your zone of genius while balancing courses, activities, physical and mental wellbeing.

THE EP academic



You are a student who loves a good hardcover and a little more space to study & plan.

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the people are saying



I’ve been purchasing yearly calendars & journals separately for 3 decades. The journals end up empty at the end of the year. Enter The Extraordinary Planner!  Finally, some tools I can effectively use to better my year and actually journal! The life and business wheels are brilliant visuals to truly see the areas where you need to focus more during the year. I love the examples for each tool. I’m excited that I’ll have the journaling tools to refer back to so I can see the areas I’m stuck in year after year. With The Extraordinary Planner, I finally feel like I’m on the path to an Extraordinary life!




Lauren sims

mother, volunteer, bookkeeper, entrepeneur



I don’t like redundancy and most ones I will use only certain pages so it’s a total waste of a lot of extra “fluff” inside. Having said that , THIS planner is not like ANY I have ever tried. It’s literally like having a personal assistant AND a life coach right in your hand at any time. This planner gives you the tools and the steps necessary to sort out your life and feel enthusiastic and ACCOMPLISHED!! If you’re like me and have multiple passions you pursue on a daily basis then this is 100% for you.



nancy cook

farmer, baker, dog breeder, honey producer, mom of two



I am a working mom of 3 teenagers, so getting life under ‘control’ seems impossible at times. This planner is EVERYTHING you need to not only get your life organized, but to help you figure out your goals and intentions then gives you tools to ACTUALIZE them! It gives you a place to write down your dreams, look at the barriers and work towards the solution. It helps you take the overwhelming, just out of reach visions you have for your life and makes you realize…YOU CAN DO THIS!! It helps you shape your vision, focus on what you want to achieve and how to work on getting there. The Life Wheels are my favorite!! They help you access where you are in different areas of your life and helps you work on getting those areas to a 10, using action plans and mind maps. If you are looking to GROW your life in any capacity, The Extraordinary Planner is a MUST HAVE!!!



Julie Gray

entrepreneur, mom of 3, working husband

get to know adrienne,
the woman behind the extraordinary planner.

she looked everywhere for a dated planner to fit the multi-faceted needs of her personal and professional life. Watch the video to hear her story.

the EP collection

a look inside

a free gift for you

only looking forward is holding you back...

Which is why we want to give you the “Year in Review” tool as a way to reflect on 2023. This powerful tool is included in every edition of The EP Collection and we want to share it with you. 


Watch the video to hear Adrienne share about the valuable role the “Year In Review: Assessment and Plan” can play in your year ahead. Then SIGN UP below to receive your free printable pdf directly to your email. 

a price for every budget

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the perfect planner
i searched
high and low...

I searched the internet high and low, talked to people all over the United States, and I couldn’t find a dated planner on the market to fit the needs of myself or my national focus group. So, I created this planner to help others who live a busy, passionate and extraordinary life. If you need balance, focus and a sense of true progress towards your goals, these planners are for you.

imagine a planner

WITH tools to make progress

to keep track of everything

where everything is integrated

where habits build
your future

THAT contains projects, plans, & logistics

where you don't have to write in the dates

you'll have a place

  • to visualize and make progress on all the things that are important to you. 
  • to consolidate your lists, journaling, self coaching, designs & ideas.
  • to keep track of multiple schedule, technologies, appointments, and task lists all at once. 
  • where you don’t have to hand write in all the dates
  • where your health, finances and your big picture living are integrated into your regular routine.
  • where you get to choose the critical habits that will lead to your fantastic future. 
  • that contains your project launches, lesson plans, caregiving needs and fundraisers. 

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